tim zarki’s ‘hue’ inhaler stops kids with asthma from being self-conscious

the number of people with asthma continues to grow — one in 12 people had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 in 2001. taking into consideration this worldwide common long term inflammatory disease, california-based designer tim zarki has proposed ‘hue’ — a concept for a multi dose inhaler — for the #BREATHEBETTERWITHCS community design challenge put on by creative session. the proposal is meant to make a bold statement instead of being a source of self-consciousness.

featuring a sleek and color-coordinated aesthetic, ‘hue’ by tim zarki for creative session’s design challenge relies on 3D printing to vary the color, transparency, and rigidity of the material. following CMF (color, material, finish) — an area of industrial design that focuses on chromatic, tactile and decorative aspects — the resulting design aims to change the stigma around the disease, granting users an object that looks good and works fine. featured in four different color combinations — black and white, green and pink, orange and blue, and red and green — ‘hue’ has a gradient that contrasts with its function: aerosolizing a medication pressurized inside a canister. complete with a counter, 200 to be exact, the multi dose inhaler has been rendered using cinema4D and octane.

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