Conor McGregor and UFC

A bit late for the Nate Diaz clash I know, but he's probably the biggest name in the sport, so views welcome.

Trying to keep this balanced and honest.

He has blazed a trail in MMC, and won a lot over the last 5 years. He's a true student of martial arts, and his boxing skills and power are exceptional. His ground work has improved a lot, but on the negative side he started to come across as very arrogant in the build up to the Diaz fight. Money, money, I'm the don, etc, etc. We don't need that. Muhammed Ali did it, but with humour. Calzaghe never did that and remained unbeaten in the boxing ring.

Some of the bravado is to build the fight, and it's a business, we're all aware of that, but imo he went too far, and negging your opponent can sometimes be a sign of waning confidence. I.e. trying to convince himself that he could make the (huge) jump to welter weight, which lets be honest he struggled with.

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