sequels when you shouldn't?

There really isn't a "should" or "shouldn't" for what to be excited about. You have every right to be excited for something.

As for getting excited for game sequels, that's really just up in the air. I've had some sequels that I've been excited for not pan out well, like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts or Mass Effect Andromeda. But I've also had a few titles surprise me. I was pretty nervous about Resident Evil 7 after 6 and the fact that Umbrella Corps came out not too long before it, but I ended up loving 7. It's one of my favorite games in the series. I was also nervous about Nier Automata since the first Nier looked a bit awkward to me and the fact that Platinum's 2016 games were pretty disappointing. Loved that game too. That's the thing about not just games, but all forms of media and art: sometimes it works, sometimes it flops, and sometimes creators learn from their mistakes to improve their future endeavors.

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