The Evil Within

So the game is official now, 'yay' and though I have a whole lot of love for the original, thought it would be fun to ask what everyone wants from the sequel?

The original game wasn't perfect, so some things could be to improve, and others can be to continue what TEW/PB did right. And so, these are the ones that came to me-

Improve movement overall, felt too loose and over responsive.

Adjust camera for aiming, and while in sneak mode.

Pacing to build a more psychological vibe, over B-rated horror tropes. I enjoy the concept but it's reception was mixed at best.

Stable framerate on release, no black-bars.

More chapters like chapter 9 from TEW, it was the best part of the original game. (Cat and mouse system and life threatening puzzles)

Continue to make boss fights a highlight.

Keep the light mechanic as optional but helpful. Add more risks for having it left on.

Make it so Haunted can only be permanently killed with fire, if I s

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