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Hello guys I own an Acer aspire E 15 laptop with the following specs:- An intel core i5-5200U processor, 4 GB DDR3 L ram, Intel HD graphics 5500 (with up to 2133 mb of dynamic video memory) and 500 GB HDD.

I recently installed Minecraft on this laptop and expected it to run fine but while playing it the laptop lagged noticeably. It was playable but at times the frame rates would drop to as low as 20-30 fps and this made playing it not such a good experience It didn't played the game as it should be doing. Even when i played Elder scrolls 4 (oblivion) which is a fairly old game (11 years old) there was still lagging. I tried running Cod black ops but it was hardly playable as there were major frame rate drops even at the lowest graphics settings. Why is my laptop lagging so much?? ( i mean its specs are more than capable of playing mentioned games (at low settings) but they are not playable and lag too much. Could this be because of viruses or is there any other issue?? What seems to be the issue behind this??

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