Carima C-CAT High Speed Light-Based Printers Set to Enter Production

DLP is quite the rage these days. It’s easy to see why considering its off-shoots like CLIP are aiming to upend traditional 3D printing as we know it. Similarly, we have a new contender looking to take up the mantle of fastest system. Carima’s C-CAT is another DLP-adjascent system and the company are claiming it is 30% faster than CLIP.

C-CAT stands for Carima Continuous Additive Technology. The Korean company are setting their sights on CLIP’s throne. Carima has developed previously developed Additive Manufacturing technologies for various industries including jewellery production and dental care. The company are claiming that the system can produce a 10 cm Eiffel tower in nine and a half minutes. This makes it exponentially faster than any DLP system on the market.

Carima’s DP110E C-CAT printer will be available for an undisclosed price. The device has. It operates at a 0.01 mm layer thickness and can use a wide range of resins. It has an amazing mix between layer resolution and print speeds. The company has also stated that C-CAT enables for standard plastic resins and various other materials.

The company sells various liquid resins on their site. The photopolymer resins range from standard thermoplastics to wax casting jewellery. It is as of yet unknown how many are applicable to the DP110E or are compatible with C-CAT technology.

The company is planning to go into mass production as soon as they can procure investments. While the technology has only recently been touted as ready, the company wanted to release it earlier. Previously, they had hoped to release it in the final quarter of 2016. When it does hit the market, we’ll get a better glimpse at the technology. Since the company has only commented on the print speed, we’re wondering about how durable and accurate the prints are.

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