What if students only learned through networks?

Peer-to-peer, school-to-school, local, global, digital, physical—whatever.Maybe students were simply grouped strategically by any number of characteristics—interests, geographic location, creativity, or simply at random? That a school day was a matter of turning on a mobile device and seeing what others were doing like some giant, informal think tankOr maybe students could even choose their own reasons for grouping, and the only condition was that all communication, process, and product was socialized and published. No curriculum, no testing, no adult pushing or pullin

And let’s say this happened for all students after 5th grade—middle school forward. What would happen? Would these networks fail the introverted students? Would they devolve into a digital form of Lord of the Flies? Would these networks give immediate non-adult-centered credibility to everything because teachers were no longer out in front?

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