9.5 viability - any advice welcome

Hey all,

I'm about 4 weeks off fully maxing my TH9. Heroes are already 30 30, and my last few defence upgrades will be done by the time my lab finishes. Walls are long time maxed.

While I appreciate that I could sit at max TH9 and war and have general fun for a while, I hate to think of all those resources lost that could be going into walls. But....having my heroes down for so long means I do want to get some wars in. So, any advice on the option of going to 9.5 as below? My clan takes only TH9 and under into war. One other near max and several mid TH9. Doing the below do you think I would draw a tough TH10 match in number 1 spot?

Upgrade lab, SF, camps and CC

Add only walls, upgrade existing defences only as a gold sump

Upgrade war troops as the priority, probably hounds first

Keep heroes at 30 30 at first so I can war back to back for a while

I ask the question because I started TH9 through the 8.5 route, but seemed to match level 3 x bows etc straight off. However, I was in the middle of the line up, not at the head, so I don't know if this affected my mirror match up?

Thanks for all balanced advice. Please don't hate the max TH9 route, that's just a personal OCD case and I know about the rushing benefits (Thanks Sin!).

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