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Chatalistic.com was founded in 2014. Our goal of the site is to allow anyone to share their FAQs in a constructive way and to see what others are sharing as well. 

We prefer posts to be 100% educational/informational. Any posts that do not follow these guidelines will be removed as soon as they are spotted. We also hold the right to remove users which break these rules on more than one occasion. 

Chatalistic holds the right to edit and remove posts which are found to contain too much vulgarity, threats, or any other type of alarming text. Posts that we find to be irrelevant to our site will also be removed. Chatalistic.com is designed for information purposes only, all advertisers and affiliates are not in charge of what goes on the site. Please read our Terms of Use for more information regarding the usage of Chatalistic.com and our legal policy. 

Chatalistic.com holds the right to update the terms of service at any time. All users will be notified of any changes via email from our support team.